Capture information from anywhere and Smart PIM stores it for you! All necessary information will be with you in one place!

What is Smart PIM?

Smart PIM is unique personal information manager. The unique features - Smart PIM lets you capture information from anywhere (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox, Word, Excel, Adobe Reader and so on) and save it in a note with a source link. Capture text, webpages, screenshots, grids and just about anything else you want to copy. You can put Smart PIM on a flash drive and run it directly from there, so all necessary information always will be with you. Smart PIM has everything to create, edit, organize and find necessary information: powerful text editor, fast search, categories, reminders, calendar. More! Smart PIM lets you import notes from *.doc, *.txt, or *.rtf files. Don't be afraid for your information safety! Smart PIM provides security and all your notes can be protected by password.
Create, capture, organize, don't forget anything with Smart PIM.

Ideas to use Smart PIM

  • Personal notes
  • Appointments and meeting
  • Reminders
  • Birthdays
  • To-do list
  • Address Books
  • Passwords
  • Database
  • Diary
  • Bookmarks
  • Recipes
... And everything you want to remember.

Create, Capture, Store, and more...

Create notes in any way you like: manually, capturing, importing. Be always in the know!

Capture any information from anywhere with easily. Select text, webpages, screenshots, and just about anything else you can copy and press the hotkeys!

Any ways of information gathering are available. Smart PIM lets you create notes by importing txt, rtf, doc files. The note will be contain a source link.

With Smart PIM all your information will be in one place, so you don't need find it and never lose it. Put Smart PIM on a flash drive and run it directly from there and have all with you!

Nothing will be forgotten. Find everything you need easily by keyword or phrase in the twinkling of an eye.

Remind yourself anything you want - from courses in foreign languages to birthdays. Just add to a note the reminder. The ringing message will sound at the time and display the associated note with all your details.

Don't worry that your notes will be viewed by someone else. Smart PIM lets you protect your information by the password.

Download Smart PIM

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