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Smart Clip

Smart Clip Box

The most comfortable clipboard manager! It saves your chipboard history and allows you to paste anything with a single keypress.


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Smart Time Tracker

Smart Time Tracker Box

An easy, clean time tracker app that provides accurate data of both time worked and time wasted that is accessible from anywhere.


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Why you need Smart Fish Software on your computer

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Complete tasks more effectively and easily

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Improve concentration and workflows

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Use our smart tools to be more successful

Our Mission

Our mission is to design software that helps people save their time for the most important moments and people. Complete tasks more effectively and easily with our smart tools for both better results and better work-life balance. Get the right tools to improve workflows and foster success in the workplace and the classroom.

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For Home

Whether you’re a programmer, working from home, a student, or someone with tasks and goals that are not getting accomplished on time, our software can help you be more productive!

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For Office

A team can better focus its attention on creative collaboration, customer service, development and research, and all the other productive tasks with our smart software that will save you time.

Rely on our smart tools and be more successful on the job, in school, and at home.

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